Fall Family Fitness Challenge



Click fall-family-fitness-challenge-and-calendar for the official October challenge and calendar.

Below are the 5 video descriptions for  Fall Family Fitness Challenge exercises.

1st and 2nd grade – complete at least ONE round.

3rd-6th grade – complete at least TWO rounds

30 High Knees



20 High/Low Planks


20 Lunges (10 each leg)


10 Count-it-Down Negative Pushups


10 Squat Jumps



11 thoughts on “Fall Family Fitness Challenge

    1. Thanks. Beginning this year, each month we’re challenging our 1st-6th grades to do a different fitness challenge. Each month consists of a different group of exercises. The challenge also comes with a calendar to initial each day they complete it. At the end of the month they bring the calendar in to receive a gold, silver, or bronze certificate based on the number of days completed.

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    1. I love this idea! We are in the process of trying to create one for November. How did you get this info out to parents? Send a paper copy home with each kid? For link to digital content? Do you digitally comtact parents typically? Thanks for your help!


      1. Thank you Jessica. Each teacher at our school has there own communication website through Haiku. I post the challenge on the PE pages and request that the classroom teachers put it on their pages. I sometimes will print out copies of the challenge with the links to the videos as well. So far so good. Now I’m trying to come up with Novembers challenge and a certificate for the medalists for October. It’s a lot of work but totally worth it.


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